We Never Spend Any Quality Time Together – Common Relationship Issues

Do you feel like you do not spend enough quality time together as a couple?  Or like your husband or wife is always off somewhere spending time with friends and you have to fight for a spot on their schedule.

Many couples struggle to find the right balance between spending time together and spending time away from each other. It’s one of the most common relationship issues.

How Much Time Should Couples Spend Together

The answer to this question varies from one couple to the next but the general idea is to get to a place where you are both happy with amount of time you are spending together without neglecting your friendships, family relationships and professional goals. Here are some tips to help  you get to that happy place.

Acknowledge your differences

It is very important to acknowledge that you and your spouse are individuals who need different levels of time and attention. He or she probably doesn’t know how much quality time you need in order to feel comfortable in the relationship.

Tell your spouse what you need

The best way to get what you need in a relationship is to ask. So, get into the habit of telling your partner what you need.

Pick an activity that you can do together frequently

It is not always possible to set aside a couple of hours to spend with your spouse but you can always take a few minutes to do something together like walking the dog or working out. Seize whatever opportunity you can find to send quality time together.

As always, schedule time together

You probably have heard this a  million times but it is extremely important to schedule time together.  Studies show that couple who schedule time together at least one a week are three times more likely to have a happy marriage. So schedule quality time  into your calendar and stick to it.

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