Married Life: When Your Marriage is Neither Happy Nor Unhappy

The line between a happy marriage and an unhappy marriage is not clear-cut. There is a lot of gray between marital bliss and marital misery, and a large chunk of married life falls in this gray area.

Most marriages are semi-happy in that the couple is not blissfully happy but also not so badly off that they need marriage counseling. These marriages are usually low intimacy but stable. Communication is shallow and revolves around chores and mundane plans but at least it’s there!

Marriage isn’t Always Exciting!

When people find themselves stuck in stable but only semi-exciting marriages, their first instinct is to try and find a way to “spice up” their marriages. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is also important for couples to know that just because their marriages are no longer as passionate and exciting as they used to be doesn’t mean that they are doomed.

A couple of months without excitement won’t kill your marriage so you don’t have to always be on the lookout for your next excitement fix. Sometimes married life will seem routine and you will be a bit bored but that’s perfectly okay. Sometimes you will need to make compromises and you won’t always be able to pursue your interests and that is also okay. Excitement is nice but it is not a requirement for a happy marriage.

Semi-happy may not sound good enough but sometimes it is just a sign of a mature marriage. This doesn’t mean that you should relax and stop trying to rekindle romance and bring new ideas into your married life, it just means that you can do it more calmly without fearing that your marriage is headed for ruin. It is a lot easier to be fun and romantic when you are not afraid that your marriage is on the verge of divorce. By admin