Do You Still Make Each Other Laugh? – Happy Married Life

Laughter comes naturally for most couples during the first few years of married life. They don’t have to go out of their way to find humor or make each other laugh.

However, as responsibilities and stress increases, it becomes harder to find humor and spouses have to make a lot more of an effort to make each other laugh. They begin to lose the sense of closeness that comes from sharing laughter and start to drift apart.

Finding Things to Laugh About!

It is not always easy to find things to laugh about as a couple, especially when both of you are feeling stressed. However, one secret is to look for humor in day-to-day situations.

Humor from day-to-day situations is very important because it allows you to develop your own inside jokes as a couple. These are jokes that are based on shared experiences, which you can both relate to in a fun way.

This doesn’t mean that jokes that aren’t based in shared experiences can’t lead to fun moments. For instance, if something funny happens to you at work, you should make a point to share it with your significant other. Similarly, if you come across a funny comic or joke, share it with them. Take advantage of every opportunity to laugh your way to a happy marriage.

Another way to find things to laugh about as a couple is to watch comedies together. Comedies are great because besides being funny in the moment, they are memorable and can keep you laughing for a long time.

Laughter makes even the biggest challenges of married life more tolerable, which is why you should always make an effort to make your spouse laugh. With these tips, you can keep the laughter from fading and keep enjoying a happy marriage. By Mike Tucker