Your Marriage Needs a Support System – Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

There are times when you want to talk about your marriage with someone other than your spouse. However, given all the marriage advice for newlyweds that warns against sharing marital problems with friends and family members, it can be difficult to decide whom to talk to.

Every marriage needs a support system that goes beyond family, close friends and marriage counselors. This support system can include:

  • Older couples

Couples that have been married for longer than you have can provide a unique perspective on your marital woes and help you keep hope alive even when things seem really bad. They can act as mentors for you and your spouse and provide guidance based on their experience.

  • Married peers

Advice from other married couples who are your “peers” can be just as helpful as advice from older couples. The fact that they are at a similar life stage makes it easier for them to relate to what you are going through. They may not have a great deal of experience for you to tap into but they can point you to marriage resources that have worked for them.

  • Marriage support groups

Some churches and marriage counselors have marriage support or enrichment groups where couples can share and learn from each other. These groups meet regularly and share openly under the guidance of a leader couple that is either trained or experienced enough to offer advice for newlyweds.

  • Marriage-building classes, seminars, DVD’s and books

At first glance, these resources may not seem very supportive since they are not all that interactive. However, the best thing about them is that you can pick and choose the ones that address the exact issue that you are dealing with. This can be especially helpful when you are dealing with a unique issue that other couples around you have not experienced. In addition, marriage-building classes and seminars provide an opportunity to meet and interact with other couples.

Getting relevant marriage advice for newlyweds when you need it is not always easy, so build a strong support system for your marriage with the above marriage tips. By admin