Don’t Let Small Hurts Pile Up – Tips for a Happy Married Life

Most marriage problems are not caused by huge fights and arguments. They are caused by minor relationship issues that pile up into a wall of anger and resentment and make married life really difficult.

Most married couples tend to sweep minor issues under the rug and convince yourselves that they are “not that serious.” This can make it seem like the issues have been resolved but more often than not, those issues come back as something bigger.

Also, most couples don’t realize that these minor issues can be signs of bigger marriage problems. For instance, feeling hurt that your spouse forgot to say please or thank you can be a sign that you are feeling unappreciated and taken for granted.

How to Let go of Grudges

Married life offers countless opportunities to hold grudges against each other. However, you can choose not to hold grudges and make forgiveness a part of your everyday life.

To do this, you must first get used to acknowledging problems and talking them out as soon as they occur. This enables you to clarify your feelings, gain a better understanding of the problems from your partner’s point of view and release any built up tension.

Once you’ve talked about the issue with your spouse, make a decision forgive and create your own healing with or without an apology. Forgiveness isn’t about absolving your spouse of his or her mistakes but about acknowledging that your spouse is a human who makes mistakes.

Most advice on how to fix a marriage focuses on big “argument-worthy” issues. However, paying attention to the small hurts can prevent things from getting so bad that huge fights and arguments become the order of the day in your married life. By Mike Tucker